Tuesday, 13 February 2007


The boy loves superheroes.

Yes, when I was a boy, I loved superheroes. I collected comic books. When I bought my first house, my comic book collection was the only thing I rescued from my parent's house. I think there's like 600 of them, all of them old and beat up and worn out. Although I have not shown them to the boy yet, I will have to at some point. In a couple years, I guess, when he will read them instead of needing me to read them all to him, as would be the case today. But regardless, I get the superhero thing.

I am also attepting to replace the "outer space dance mix" compilation cd that was made for his last birthday with a new cd to listen to every day in the car. Every Day. Seriously, it is hard to get him to not want to just jump to Weird Al's "Yoda", which is almost always followed by a request that I then tell him the story of Star Wars. And the Empire Strikes Back. And then The Return of the Jedi. He will alllow me to pause the story after the car ride is over, only to start it again when we get back in. He always remembers. Always. But, I digress.

Anyway...I am selling him on the idea of a superhero themed cd. I could really use some suggestions, as my tendencies go a little afar afield. The boy received a cd with tv show theme songs, but I can't locate it yet.

Please note, I am considering the following:

Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult
(this will undoubtedly require making the successful argument that Godzilla is, in fact, a superhero and is sent to save us from ourselves)

Iron Man by Black Sabbath.
(ok, I'm worried that this woud totally freak him out..after all, he's still only 4.)

Kung-Fu Fighting...by someone I can't recall, but its on Pure Funk Vol 1...and its already on the playlist.

KWW is making the case for the peter cetera song that says something about "I'll be your knight in shining armour".


the meredoerr said...

There's Superman's Song by Crash Test Dummies, although I think Simon is already familiar with this song. I recall him singing along with it once. So if you are looking for new songs for him, that wouldn't work.

Drew suggests Flash Gordon by Queen.

We'll keep thinking.

bladio said...

There is also Superman by REM.

watie said...

Simon is already way into Flash Gordon, although I think in time he will grow to love REM until he turns 13 and listens to "everyone hurts" ad nauseum.

pete. said...

Batman theme! There are lots of cool versions. I'll keep scratching my head for more.

"Tony's Theme" by the Pixies... ("This song's about a Superhero named Tony...It's called Tony's Theme")

"La Justicera" by Os Mutantes

"I Kicked Batman's Ass" by Wesley Willis (I'm not saying these are all appropriate...I'm just brainstorming)

"King Kong" by Daniel Johnson (also covered by Tom Waits)

"Jukebox Hero" by Foreigner

"Heroes" by David Bowie

I'll think of more...

Welcome, blogger!

kch said...

So, there's this: http://www.superherocd.com/index02.htm if you want theme songs.

Didn't the Ramones do a spiderman song?

The kinks have a song, Wish I could Fly like Superman

Speaking of superman: what about that kryptonite song?

Um, Vanilla Ice? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Heh.

Yeah, good luck with this one!


Kate said...

I cannot believe the theme song to Greatest American Hero has not been mentioned! "Believe it or Not!"