Wednesday, 28 February 2007


So I made Simon a cd about heroes.

It started out intended to be about superheroes, but it turned into be a necessary examination of the "hero", a deconstruction of the elements out of which a hero can appear. The playlist is as follows:

Nature Boy---------------------David Bowie
Super Baby---------------------Matthew Sweet
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots----Flaming Lips
Flash Gordon-------------------Queen
Goldeneye----------------------Tina Turner
Secret Agent man----------------Johnny Rivers
Kung Fu Fighting-----------------Edwin starr
Superfly------------------------Curtis Mayfield
Hernando's hideaway-------------Snatch Soundtrack
Killer Queen--------------------Queen
Godzilla------------------------Blue Oyster Cult
Save Me------------------------Queen
Holding out for a hero------------Bonnie Tyler
Theme from Superman------------John Williams, score
Superman----------------------Five for Fighting
Jimmy Olsen's blues--------------Spin Doctors
Ode to a Superhero--------------Weird Al Yankovic
Spiderweb----------------------No Doubt

So Queen is perhaps over-represented, yes. But they are oh-so-very dramatic. I also think its funny to have "save me" after "godzilla", like they are being chased.

There is a stretch of songs about secret agents and badasses from the 'hood. I think these are both occupations that Simon could and should aspire to. Selections 5-9 are more like career training than anything else. Plus, the boy has got to learn his funk from an early age. My youth was distinctly funk-less and look at me now. Hopeless.

What I am proud of is really tracks 10-13/14. I realized that this disk is not propaganda for already fantastically powered fantasies, no sir. What it should do is get Simon to realize the symbiotic relationship between good and evil in this world. What is hero without a villian? Well, probably an annoying bully, I guess. If his attraction to the crazy maraca action in Hernando's hideaway is any indication, he's right there with me on this. Plus he wil now sing "godzilla" on request.

I also think it is a small accomplishment to put the Weird Al at the very end, so Simon has to listen through all the stuff I want to before he gets to the gooey center of Spiderman. It would get annoying to have it in the front and have to listen to it every time I get in the car.

So far, the favorites are, in no particular order, except track order: Flash Gordon, Hernando's Hideaway, Godzilla and Jimmy Olsen's Blues.

These CD's are available upon request. Seriously, if you want one, I'll send you one.


momster said...

Me, me! I want one! (please.)

kww said...

Oh Watie watie watie...
So funny.

pete. said...

One for the Millers, please.
We DO need another hero...

the meredoerr said...

I love me a superhero. Can I have one too?