Wednesday, 14 February 2007

already old

I am finding that there are some good things about Omaha.

One whch occurs abundantly to me now is my studio. It is a great studio. Easily 2 perhaps 3 times larger than my previous studio. And, thanks to the landlord's website, it comes with an internet connection.

I have used this to kick my former addiction to music on tapes with Internet audio. I have my computer in the studio and it has been transformative. I have lots on itunes, which works easily for my music fix. I am perhaps afraid of the sound of an empty studio, so I have something on non-stop. However, I have been sucked into the wealth of great things online to listen to.

Radiolab is one. There have only been two seasons but it is endlessly interesting. check it out if you have the time for it. Unfortunately, I have plowed through all of it and moved on to other things.

This American Life is great. I also keep listening to A Prairie Home Companion, which is hard to expain to KWW, whose passionate dislike for it is a rare an inexplicable thing. Its hard to think of exactly why I like it. The stories are long-winded and the jokes leave me chuckling, but are never anything I would dare to recount to anyone. They just don't seem like they are that kind of funny. Although I notice that in the 15-minute long tales of a fictional youth by a man in his mid sixties, there is often a theatrical de-pantsing. And, really, who doesn't like a theatrical de-pantsing?

Perhaps it means I am already old.


the meredoerr said...

After years of protesting and pleading with my parents to turn APHC off, I enjoy it now as well.

If you are interested in discovering new music, you can check out Pandora Internet Radio at You tell them what kind of music you currently like and they will play new groups that they think you will enjoy as well. Drew really digs it.

kww said...

I have heard of this pandora. I do hate PHC. I might see the movie though because of my deep love of all things lily tomlin.

I also love Watie

momster said...

Often I find myself listening to PHC accidentally in the car. I get pulled into it in some perplexing way!
Here is a joke I heard on it a couple of weeks ago.

If the INSIDE of a fire hydrant is H2O, what is the OUTSIDE of it?

momster said...



kww said...

Oh no...
That may be the best thing I have heard from PHC...
If it was all like that, then maybe....I could tolerate it. UGH. If it is on, I listen to the oldes!

bladio said...

i hate PHC as well. i saw the movie though.