Friday, 16 February 2007

among the short

Today, Simon hosted us at his school for a "love Lunch".

I wanted to say "hosted" so that I could have the mental image of him in a tiny tuxedo, showing us to our seats, recommending wines and serving us a meal.

Anyway, in a room where it is hard t understand how a class of 13 3-6 year olds can function properly, those kids' parents sat with them and enjoyed heart shaped pasta and green beans. It was packed and I had to strategically plan a path to walk through the makeshift lunchroom because those tiny chairs are hard to get out of. It was also clear that some of the parents had a more difficult journey getting up and down then others. It was very sweet, although I was definitely relieved to go back to the studio bbefore the ice cream sundae bar really kicked in.

Simon is always proud to show off his friends and one of my purest joys of fatherhood has to be watching him run and play with his friends. I'm telling you, if you haven't seen the boy run and play with kids who are also running and playing, it is adorable. Although I fear that it will lose some of the cuteness as he gets more able to run without falling down. If any of you have gotten to see him run and fall down while still having fun with other little friends also running and falling down, hoo-wee THAT is adorable.

I'm sure after the sundae bar kicked in, there was plenty of running, and it was probably loud and less than adorable.


the meredoerr said...

I now have a great mental image of Simon as a sommelier, looking all dapper as he talks about what great body or legs (or whatever you're supposed to comment on) the wines have.

I also have the mental image of all these adults standing up, and because the chairs are so small they actually remain attached to them. So now they are walking around with chairs attached to their butts.

I'm easily amused.

kww said...

hee hee. Yep, it was pretty funny. Ay the wee chars! Wit da wee ones and thar bigguns.
har har.