Thursday, 1 November 2007

home again

Ahhh, the pleasures of being home.

Yesterday I returned home after being in Amsterdam for a month. Whew!.

It has been wonderful. Simon ran down the security ramp to give me a huge leaping hug. Followed by about 3 seconds by Eloise who toddled over in her Spider costume. That was some serious cute, let me tell you. It was a wonderful night. we got home and Simon and I went out Trick-or-treating on our block. I think we went to about 5 houses, but Simon was pretty nervous for the first couple. But he got into the mood of it all after trick-or-treating our own house. After which, Eloise wanted to join in the fun so I got to carry her around the block.

(What's new about Eloise in the last Month?

She's extra squishy.
She loves candy--I mean LOVES candy.
She's talking alot and will tell you when she does not like what you are doing)

After getting a sack of candy, we came back to the house fo the first dinner as a family in a long long time. Katie made pot roast (incredibly yummy) and Simon made a smoothie. Katie also made a fire which we settled around to snuggle and play until time for bed. I gave out the presents I had brought back with me and showed the art which had actually made it to Omaha (one bag was delivered about 2:00 in the morning). It was a great night.

I got to put both kiddos to bed, reading Simon an extra new book so he would "go right to sleep, i promise". Eloise got books and a nice long snuggle with a bottle. It was great.

Exhausted, Katie and I were in bed at 9:30.

My best night in a long long time.


the meredoerr said...

Welcome Home!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see all the new art!

bladio said...

yay! welcome home!!

ABE&J said...

So glad you're home!