Tuesday, 23 October 2007

a day in the life

The tally so far:

Drawn copies of old master paintings and Gothic church carvings: 14
Paintings: not very many...about 10
Watercolor copies of museum postcards: 26
Drawn linocuts: 36

With a week to go I may be able to deplete my supply of linoleum and postcards, (although I have more paper to tear down for them).

Since I discovered the grocery store, my dialy routine has been something like this:

Wake up 8:30 or so.
(important not to be the smelly artist, if you're bound to be the dirty artist.)
go on the archaic computer and email Katie/read emails from Katie & occaisonally Simon
Go to the studio downstairs
do a watercolor postcard
go to a museum and draw something
call Katie and the kiddos
Wander around some neighborhood looking for Linocut compositions.
(sometime after its gets dark and too cold to stay out)
come back to the studio do another watercolor postcard
go upstairs and email to Katie & Simon
sleep around 12:30-1:00

I guess somewhere in there I eat. I basically bought all food that you could leave out in the studio for a number of days without worry. I'm going through a lot of fresh fruit and cured meats. Viva la cured meats! (For a better idea, click on the flier for my studio smorgasboard.)

Now, with one week to go, I'm starting to think about what I need to bring home in terms of my remaining materials and the subjects here. Oh, how I want this last week to fly by productively.