Wednesday, 28 March 2007


So, on Sunday, we were cooking out, as we are wont to do. Afterwards, we are hanging out on the couch enjoying some fine--may I say very fine, even--chocolate chip cookies that Simon made. Well, picture this: the baby girl is making a bee-line for her lovin Poppa. Cruising along the floor, she gets to my knees reaches for my own sweet dessert and demands "Cookie".

Yep, she said cookie. It was independently verified by others in the room, although none in the immediate family (evidence which makes the story seem all the more verifiably true to everyone but KWW). I believe her other pronounced words to date are "mama" "thbbthbbthb" and I think, "buh buh" once. She may have said "poppa" after much prodding, but not nearly as clear as "cookie"

Those of you familiar with family lore are aware of SImon's versitile use of "turtle", his forst two-syllable word, when he was 18-20 months. I'm telling you, "cookie" is some kind of amazing testament to KWW's incessant reading while pregnant and the undeniable lure of sugar.


Kate said...

I'd like to think I made some contribution to that, since I made many a batches of cookies while Katie was pregant with the baby girl.

the meredoerr said...

I'm so proud! I can't wait for her to request other desserts! She clearly has her priorities straight.

Can't wait to see you guys!