Saturday, 22 February 2014


About a year and a half ago a good friend of min, Stuart Chittenden, told me I should go out to lunch with someone that I had never met. Specifically, it was a young woman who was in the midst of doing something very interesting. Quickly, I found myself eating sushi with Jennifer Barry. Jennifer, it soon became clear, was in a period of transition. She had been an attorney, had recently had a baby and was wanting something more out of her work life. As part of figuring out what that was, she was going to have lunch with scores of people she didn't know and interview them about what they found meaningful. Suddenly, I was impressed and flattered. Now, a year and a half later Jennifer is 6 months after her launch of the result of all those lunches. Revolve, a art-leasing company advocating for the work of living artists, serving both a social mission of support for the local arts community and commercial viability. In a few months, I have already seen exposure that the past 8 years of the galleries in Omaha have not provided. Jennifer is smart, motivated and extremely hard working. Just last week, Revolve took up residence in the growing Alley-Poyner stable of associated creative businesses in the Tip Top Building. Which means that this sits outside Craig Moody's cubicle.
I'm really looking forward to more of this. for more info:

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