Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hells Angels Block Party

For the past couple months I have been working on the latest installment of "all that ever was, Always is", a collaboration I am doing with Habitat for Humanity. I have been collecting stories from people in the neighborhood, people I saw while taking doors and wood out of the houses at 1468 and 1470 Emmet in North Omaha. As I have about 60 windows to compose and paint, I was thrilled to get some good ideas out of people who were interested in what I was up to--namely a neighborhood block party hosted by a local chapter of the hells angels.


MCH said...

this looks great. will each house have a different narrative?

watie said...

yes-paintings are made specifically for each window in the house, with those narratives carrying a common thread about the life the house has had through the eyes of former residents and neighbors. The narratives that happen at 1468 Emmet will be about that one place. The narratives in its neighbor, 1470, will be about its own specific history.