Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Railroad

These three woodcuts are the beginning of a series inspired by my relationship with an etching my father gave me while in College, The Omval by Rembrandt van Rijn. I loved it right away (it was the first thing I framed) and loved Rembrandt, but was incredibly intimidated. I mean you don't get any more old-mastery than him, and abundant and overwhelming skill is what I thought you got from the old masters. A few years ago, while researching for a Fullbright, I returned to Rembrandt and the rest of the Dutch Old Masters, and to The Omval after many years. My understanding of him now is more of a very smart BennyHill-character, hiding people having sex in the bushes, dogs pissing and elaborate boob jokes. He's hilarious. I love him.

Enlarge these. See what you find.

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