Friday, 11 July 2008

Call for artists

“Adornment”--Print Exhibit Prospectus

Dear Print Artists,

The Omaha Print Guild at Hot Shops Art Center has reserved January 10, to February 9, 2009 for a juried print exhibit at Creighton Lied Fine Arts Gallery. We anticipate a huge variety of print approaches, all on paper, including etching, wood block, linocut, monoprints, lithography, hand produced books, and digitally manipulated prints.

The “Adornment” theme suggests many possibilities: costume, rituals, uniforms, personal identity, social statement... The size maximum is 22”x30” paper, with no minimum. Artists may enter up to three print images for a jpeg judging, due by November 15, 2008. Artists will be notified of accepted artwork by November 22nd.. Accepted work must be framed and delivered to the Creighton Gallery by January 5th. All framed work must be under glass, with wire for hanging. Dimensional print objects will be presented on gallery bases.

Contacts: Watie White,
Amy Haney,
Eddith Buis, (930-0029)

Relevant thoughts: “Clothing may simply provide a symbolic shelter, but it may also draw the lines of social relationships. Through the coding operations that allow an individual to view another’s attire as a signifier of rank, clothing is a means of classifying other people, and therefore it qualifies as a ritual activity. Whereas clothing reflects a primarily social need, fashion expresses an individual need as well: psychic gratification through competitive display; however, by this sometimes aggressive and rebellious statement about the self, faxhion also provides similar marking services. Whereas garments themselves are neutral, their use, in this sense, is political. They can be used as fences or bridges, in strategies of intrusion (in imitating the next higher reference group), or exclusion (which includes upscale counter-consumption).”
From The Psychology of Fashion.

And: “ In China’s past, the woman’s desirability was in direct proportion to her inability to walk.” From: The Unfashionable Human Body.

Due by November 15, 2008:
Email up to three jpegs of actual printed work, with list of titles and sizes--vertical first, horizontal second-- clearly stated in body of email to Watie White,

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Due by November 17th by snail-mail:
Please send this part of form to: Eddith Buis, 1018 So. 36th Street, Omaha, 68105, along with the $15.00 entry fee,
(Made to The Omaha Print Guild), as well as the list of titles and their sizes, vertical first, horizontal second:

Name:__________________________email:_______________ phone:___________chosen technique:_________________

2-d? or 3-d?:

1) title: 1) vertical size: 1) horizontal size:

2) title: 2)vert. size: 2) horiz. size:

3) title: 3)vert. size: 3) horiz. size: