Friday, 2 May 2008

open studio

My open studio officially started six minutes ago. I'm at the stage where I'm nervously straightening everything and pacing the floor. I'm happy when I find something that I absurdly left in the middle of the floor, but the returns on that are diminishing.

I'm probably about 15 minutes from the nervousness induced wine drinking on an empty stomach, which never is a bad idea.

I've no idea when anyone is going to show up at all. Right now I'm really hoping that the fine folks at La Buvette show up. They have supplied me with my favorite meal of the moment--as open studio food: trays heaping with fine cheese and cured meats, a big basket of fresh bread and a small tub of hot mustard. Couple that with the nervous wine I have in my near future, and I should be pretty good to go.

Somehow I have spent the past week straightening and cleaning my studio and it would appear to be much the same as it always does. Maybe when katie comes, she will be astounded and the remarkable makeover the studio has had. To me it is hard to tell what I have been doing for the past week except NOT making anything new.

My hope is that people lie the pulp series. They are incredibly indulgent and I'm always hoping that everyone will like the most indulgent things I do, so I will have no choice but to make more of them.

In part, I am having this opening now because it coincides with the berkshire Hathaway meeting, although I have a very hard time believing that out of town fat cats loaded down with art-buying ducats will make the trek all the way down the road to my studio.

OK, now I'm sounding silly

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omaha print guild said...

i thought your studio looked great! didn't try the food but it looked good...
and i really did like the new series, i liked 'your hand' (writing) in them.