Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Alligators, anyone?

OK, so this sunday is Simon's Sixth Birthday and I am duty bound to make a compilation CD for it. The Theme? Alligators.


OK, Crocodile Rock, check. Iguana Man from the Gear Daddies, check. See you later, Alligator, check.

Again, HELP!

Please bear in mind that I will have to listen to this cd hundreds of times in the car, driving to and fro. Please save my sanity.


Kate said...

Hi Watie!

I know the Grateful Dead have a song called "Alligator" -- yes I went through that phase. Also, Jeff Buckley has a song "Alligator Wine" but that might be a little weird for 6 year olds. And of course there is Alligator Records, but I don't know if they have any alligator songs. Have you tried just searching "alligator" or "crocodile" on Itunes? I hope this helps! See you this weekend!!

watie said...

Yeah, I checked out the Dead's "alligator" but its mainly a long jam session. I have done the itunes search thing, but have had no real revelations yet.

jonnynono said...

Man, that's a tough one. I know the America song "Ventura Highway" has a line about alligator lizards. Does that count? I'll keep thinking about this one. Maybe you could expand the theme to lizards, or amphibians if need be. Or would that make Simon sad?

Noel said...

Hey, a blog.
Gonna stalk you now. ^_^

Rebecca's Travels said...

I know it's really late for this one, but there's the Carole King's Chicken Soup with Rice alphabet song (Alligators All Around...) AND Chicken Soup with Rice song too...always a good children's singalong (and educational...)